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This is an adventure and puzzle game in a horror environment.
A strange phenomena named eclipse occurred in an abandoned house. The house is affected by the curse of eclipse where as ghosts become visible, objects are moving and doors are opening and closing.
You as the main character had a strange dream related to the abandoned house. It looks like the dream was indirect message from a super natural power which tells you to visit the house. Then, your story began when your curiosity led you to find the secret of the house.
This game is inspired by Atic Atac from ZX Spectrum.

How to play

  • Avoid enemies. Enemies are moving in patterns which make it predictable but difficult puzzle to solve.
  • Find keys. Different keys open different doors. Your inventory has only three slots. Therefore, choose wisely which keys to take.
  • Collect magical scrolls. Magical scrolls are used in the late game to open the gate to the heaven.
  • Read notes. There are notes in the house which tell you about the story of the game and guide you through the game.


  • Different camera views. The game is playable with three camera views; third person, first person and top down.
  • Save and load. The complete walk through of the game may take up to three hours. Therefore, save and load options were added so that the player can take a rest.


UPmove forward
RIGHTturn right
LEFTturn left
Cchange camera view
]select item to the right
[select item to the left
Ppick up item
Odrop item
ESCopen ingame menu


Buy Now
On Sale!
67% Off
$3.00 $0.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

eclipse; the curse of the sun and the moon.zip 52 MB

Download demo

eclipse; the curse of the sun and the moon (demo).zip 52 MB

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